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The three current situation analysis of China's pipe industry

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The three current situation analysis of China's pipe industry

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In the relevant national policies, in recent years, the domestic plastic pipe industry showed a strong growth trend, becoming the main force of the domestic plastics processing industry. According to the China Plastics Processing Industry Association statistics, China's plastic pipe market, the annual growth rate of 15%, ranking first in the world.
But the good development environment, did not let the domestic plastic pipe business to move forward, in 2003 from the raw material prices, the pressure created by the enterprise overwhelmed, especially PVC resin prices soared, some strength is not strong small Enterprises are operating difficulties, at the edge of the loss, the overall business is facing a serious challenge.
Raw material surge in costs soared
Since 2003, due to the rise in world crude oil prices, triggering the world's plastic raw material market prices rose across the board, driven by the international market prices, domestic polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC prices are also rising trend. In particular, PVC resin, due to electricity tension to make the main raw material of chlorine chlorine cargo price Yang, PVC prices higher, coupled with the September 2003 anti-dumping investigation final victory, double factors to stimulate the chlorine Ethylene resin prices, for PVC pipe business, only the PVC raw material prices this one, to increase the product cost of more than 20%.
Prohibited lead salt worse
PVC pipe enterprises in addition to try to digest the raw material prices brought about by the cost pressures, but also face the situation of confinement. Lead salt stabilizer due to low prices, excellent performance, has been the domestic PVC pipe business as a major heat stabilizer. However, for environmental considerations, the 2004 construction part of the notice clearly states that the use of water within the country CPVC (hard vinyl chloride) pipe must be the use of non-lead salt stabilizer production. April 1 Beijing restrictions on the use of lead salt as a stabilizer of PVC drinking water pipe, pipe fittings. The power part has decided that CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) power protection tubes within the scope permitted by the Ministry of Electricity are prohibited from the use of lead and organotin stabilizers in order to prevent environmental pollution. While other stabilizers in the use of performance under the premise of ensuring that the price should be higher, which virtually increased the cost of the burden of pipe enterprises.
Variety of single internal and external problems
Huge market capacity and lower access threshold, so that plastic pipe in the past few years, has been a hot investment projects of domestic parties. As the investment was blind, low-end product overcapacity, its vicious effect has begun to show. To the largest market share of PVC pipe business, for example, the current products are still concentrated in urban and rural water supply pipes and fittings, rainwater pipes and fittings, resulting in its market capacity tends to saturation, increasing the competition in the field of products strength. In order to compete for the market, some enterprises use price-driven strategy, especially some small businesses to low-priced products for low-priced dumping, price war intensified, in a vicious price competition situation.
Product technology content is low, a single variety of PVC pipe business The original competitive advantage is the price of polyethylene, polypropylene pipe is low, and raw materials rose to make it in a passive situation for the competitors to provide the entrance. In addition to the original gas pipe, heating pipe, etc., in recent years also began to enter the urban and rural water supply pipe and pipe fittings market. Moreover, the price of polyethylene resin is less than the price of PVC, the cost of production pressure is not, and no ban on lead problems, but also adds a competitive advantage, it can be said that PVC pipe business is currently in a situation of internal and external.
Actively adjust to regain the market
From the trend of the world plastics market, high prices will continue for some time. However, due to its consumption characteristics of plastic pipe, price space is relatively small, hoping to fall in raw material prices, to solve the operating pressure is a drop in the bucket, and can not fundamentally get rid of passive business situation, we must adjust the marketing strategy.
The first from the product price competitiveness to brand competitiveness, strengthen the ability to deal with emergencies, build their own competitive fortress. There are indications that the domestic plastic pipe production enterprises have entered the era of low-profit, in order to win sustained and stable development space, enterprises should establish a brand image as soon as possible. Large enterprises can optimize the production management capacity, digest raw material prices caused by rising costs. For small and medium enterprises, may wish to join together, through the centralized procurement of raw materials to reduce production costs.
Second, we must strengthen international trade and expand the world market. Relative to the domestic PVC pipe market conditions, the domestic plastic pipe products in the international market has a price advantage, more and more attention, and a relatively high profits.
Third to increase the intensity of new product development, opening up new profit points. China's application of plastic pipe compared with advanced countries, there are many blank areas, which is the new market capacity space, such as plastic cloth hose product development. At present, the production of plastic pipe enterprises in China is mainly concentrated in the plastic pipe, and the relatively small number of enterprises involved in the production of plastic hoses, so the market is relatively broad, especially the high technical content of the hose, its competitors, the product of high profit margins The
Fourth, we must enhance the marketing innovation ability. In the past, domestic plastic pipe enterprises are mostly marketing strategies to promote industrial products. In fact, from the plastic sheet metal products, the essential characteristics of the product, some plastic pipe, especially civilian products, may wish to take consumer goods marketing strategy, the establishment of brand names. On the current domestic plastic pipe business product sales channels, should speed up the network construction, enhance the marketing terminal to promote efforts, such as cooperation with large building materials supermarkets.


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