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The drop in domestic steel prices has widened the price of imported iron ore

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The drop in domestic steel prices has widened the price of imported iron ore

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Even if the price did not stimulate the terminal heavy volume of procurement, the domestic spot steel prices continue to expand. Imported iron ore prices also fell, has been a continuous fall of two stages of the "integer" price.
According to the latest well-known steel information agency "My Steel" to provide the latest market report, the last week, the domestic spot steel price composite index closed at 123.6 points, down 4.84% a week. Due to poor market transactions, resulting in high inventory of steel market, business prices, did not stimulate the terminal heavy volume procurement. Coupled with steel futures market crash, billet prices frequently lower, the original confidence on the weak spot steel market panic spread, businesses can only sell into a further sell.
Domestic steel prices fell to expand the price of imported iron ore fell
According to the analysis, in the construction of steel market, prices fell sharply. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan and other places t price fell 50 yuan a week to 270 yuan. In Shanghai and other places of the market can be seen, steel prices fell sharply, the market turnover in the doldrums, and blast furnace capacity utilization in the further recovery, the process of market inventory digestion slowed down, businesses to control the risk, can only significantly lower prices The
In the plate market, the price decline is also increasing. Hot rolled coil prices fell, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other places to drop 100 yuan a week to 320 yuan price. This quick sell into the main, mainly by the poor turnover and steel futures market tumbled. However, after oversold, the market "bargain-hunting" a slight increase in demand, and the market also appeared a certain rebound, the spot price of a slight increase in homeopathic prices. Plate prices to accelerate the decline, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places t price fell 30 yuan a week to 240 yuan. After the price crash, the market's high inventory level is still difficult to drive the effective rebound in prices.
Iron ore market prices are also declining. According to the "West of the Shinkansen" the latest report, in the domestic mining market, Hebei iron ore powder prices fell, the cumulative ton price fell 60 yuan to 70 yuan a week. Domestic mining transactions significantly slowed down, many steel mills to suspend the procurement of domestic mines, some domestic mines to increase the preferential rate. Imports of ore prices fell sharply, following the fall of $ 80 price of the stage support price, but also fell the price of 70 US dollars mark. As of 13, Platts 62% grade iron ore index closed at 69 US dollars per ton, a week fell sharply by 7.2 US dollars, hit a new low since mid-November last year. Recently, the port iron ore shipments continued to increase, the market oversupply situation is obvious.
Relevant institutions that the impact of the current trend of steel prices can be described as "long and short tangled": on the one hand the market supply gradually increased, steel inventories and financial pressure to increase the market price of steel fell fear of fear; the other hand, the first quarter Economic data as a whole to the good, "to the production capacity" once again force overweight, the market confidence to form a certain boost effect. In the short term, domestic steel prices will be the trend of consolidation.


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