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  • The application and characteristics of new water supply pipes…

    The water supply pipe network has three characteristics that make the cycle long (30 years or longer), repair and renovation difficult, the accident is not easy to detect (buried in the ground). The sa…
    publish:2017-09-11   number:3

  • The three current situation analysis of China's pipe industry…

    In the relevant national policies, in recent years, the domestic plastic pipe industry showed a strong growth trend, becoming the main force of the domestic plastics processing industry. According to t…
    publish:2017-09-11   number:5

  • The steel pipe industry is getting the big test.

    "3.15" Consumer rights day approaching, the steel industry ushered in the implementation of the new national standard after the first standard "exam." It is reported that by the China Construction Ente…
    publish:2017-09-11   number:1

  • The drop in domestic steel prices has widened the price of im…

    Even if the price did not stimulate the terminal heavy volume of procurement, the domestic spot steel prices continue to expand. Imported iron ore prices also fell, has been a continuous fall of two st…
    publish:2017-09-11   number:1

  • China hardware building materials export Brazil's challenge

    As the largest country in South America, Brazil is the central market of South American countries, only Sao Paulo has 22 million people. Brazil has strong radiation and industrial leadership in neighbo…
    publish:2017-09-11   number:0

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